Our Divisions



Wael Pharmacy distributes nearly 1500 drugs and medicines in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Ever since inception, our Pharmaceutical division has been a core division, playing a major role in the growth & reputation of Wael Pharmacy. Backed by world renowned partners and wide range of their quality products, modern resources, strong market experience, Pharmaceutical division contributes a major market share for both Wael pharmacy and its partners.


Medical Equipment

Bahrain’s hospitals are among the most advanced and best equipped in the Arab World and Wael Pharmacy is one of the largest supplier of specialized equipment. We are able to respond to opportunities presented by a changing and demanding environment and is committed to supplying high performance equipment at competitive prices. We supply a substantial share to all the leading government and private hospitals for all their medical equipment needs.


Surgical & Medical Disposable

Wael Pharmacy operates as a supportive organisation, providing the required disposables and consumables to many hospitals and health clinics in both the government and private sectors. Our national warehousing and distribution network ensure timely delivery and complete stock control. Products distributed are from highly reputable, internationally recognized companies and include the following: ICU disposables; dialysis filters/blood lines, vascular/ intraspinal access devises, CSSD disposables, cardiac catheters, contrast media for X-ray and MRI, X-ray films/chemicals and colostomy/urostomy bags.



Wael Pharmacy unquestionably is the premier source for the widest range of sophisticated laboratory equipment. Over the decades, Wael Pharmacy has built an enviable client base both in private and public sectors. These customers turn to us not only for prompt and safe delivery at competitive prices, but also for the full range of expert services provided. Equipment supplied includes microscopes, diagnostic systems, hematology, hormone and blood gas analysers, blood chemistry analysers and electrolytes, Spectrophotometers, pH meters and the like. Wael Pharmacy also employs a professional sales team, in addition to representatives of the principal companies. After-sales service maintenance is carried out by the experienced Maintenance and Engineering workforce.

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