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Wael Pharmacy Co W.L.L. was formed in 1966, by Mr. Abdulrahman Almahmeed, a true visionary, AUB graduate pharmacist and a leading figure in the country's pharmaceutical and medical industry together with his wife Dr. Layla Kabeer, a qualified pediatrician. We are a leading healthcare organization in Bahrain since 1966 and representing a highly diversified portfolio of companies both in Pharma and Bio-Medical business categories. Our Team comprises of over 220 professional employees. We hold Distribution Agreements with top-notch multinational corporations and actively engaged in the Importation, Warehousing & Distribution and sales & marketing of

  1. - Pharmaceutical products
  2. - Laboratory products
  3. - Healthcare consumer products
  4. - Nutritional products
  5. - Dental products
  6. - Surgical and Medical disposable products
  7. - Medical
  8. - Dental & Lab Equipments

Our Vision

Maintain our lead & reputation, continue to excel in performance by adhering to our core values; customer satisfaction, satisfaction of our existing partners, ethical business policies and building new partnerships.

Our Mission

In association with our world renowned partners, we bring the modern world of pharmaceutical & medical innovations closer to the healthcare industry of Bahrain, thereby improving quality of life of Bahrain's community.

Our Constitution

We believe our first responsibility is to improve the health standards of our customers (patients, healthcare professionals and consumers) who buy and use our distributed products and services. We are committed to do our endeavor to bring to the community the best healthcare innovations and services reasonably priced and respond promptly to the after sales queries including safety and quality queries as applicable. We are committed to help our employees and their families, to achieve life/work balance. We believe that they are the main pillar of our organization and the fuel for our growth. We respect their dignity and recognize their merit. We provide the necessary tools, training, and the right culture for them to excel and innovate. Employees must be empowered to make suggestions and take decisions. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified. We are responsible to the community in which we operate by doing the necessary investment to raise the level of health awareness through patients and healthcare educational programs. We are also committed to our Principal suppliers, in terms of providing customized solutions for their growth plans by providing market intelligence, logistic support, sales & marketing support, technical & legal support. In addition, we are responsible to uphold our Principal’s product quality & safety management system in view of customer satisfaction & patient safety by complying with the quality, safety agreements & SOP’s.

Message from the Chairman & M.D

Since its inception in 1966, Wael Pharmacy Co W.L.L. has dedicated itself to the advancement of pharmaceutical and medical services in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Through a scrupulous adherence to the highest ethical standards, unswerving professionalism and total commitment to our principals, we have achieved sustainable growth and a number of highly rewarding and long-lasting partnerships. Our Company commands a major market share today. This has been achieved by our constant investment in modern infrastructure and highly skilled work force and, of course, together with the well-established and highly reputed international companies we are representing in this market. Wael Pharmacy Co W.L.L. is the largest facet of a long established and highly successful family business. We thank those companies which have supported us so well over many years and extend a sincere welcome to anyone else interested in our sharing our future success. “God Bless us all”

Abdulrahman Almahmeed
Chairman & M.D.

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